Hi, I'm Kara a virtual being, I work for Ai-Systems.
To find out about me click the blue circle -->

There is a Windows version you can run:
Click below to download  v1.52

Kara Windows desktop version (New)
Download the file to an empty directory and run it. This should decompress it
and create lots of files, double click kara.exe to run software. Ignore any messages
 about saying its not safe, it is fully virus checked.

This new version has more knowledge.

Contact us on sales@ai-systems.co.uk
or kara@ai-systems.co.uk

How do I work?
Kara has a relevance engine built around a Neural Net that looks
 at incoming sentences and decides which responses are likely
 to be the most relevant.

Over time responses are tuned by the Neural Net and new facts are added.
Kara should develop just by people talking to it.
Chat to her, see what she says. Let us know what you think.

Hi, I'm kara
What's your name?