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AI-Systems creates chat-bots and AI based characters for business and pleasure. Chatbots are great for customer service, sales and taking general inquiries saving your company time and money.

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Karen is a general purpose chatbot designed for tech support, sales information and general inquiries. She has a large database of general knowledge so can answer all your basic support and sales questions.



Systems can have any face, this one is based on me. I liked the idea of living forever, so i built this one so that  I can remain long after i am gone. We can build AI based characters of anyone living or dead. If you have an idea for a chat system you want us to build, get in touch.


Online companions

Custom or Anime/Manga characters can be built to your specification. age, height, hobbies etc, all to your preference. Just let us know some details and we can set up your perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. They have a large database of knowledge, so systems can answer questons on any subject.

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